Facial Analysis Software

Facial Analysis Wizard

Practitioner Software

The college developed free online facial analysis software in 2008 to support Soul & Survival and the clinical application of Homœopathic Facial Analysis.

The professional practitioner version of the facial analysis wizard is now available.

Professional Facial Analysis Wizard Software includes

  • Downloadable to your computer
  • Latest tips and sketches
  • Each feature will show its colour allocation
  • The user will be able to move backwards and forwards through the analysis at any time
  • Each analysis can be saved and altered or reviewed later
  • Patient photos can be linked to your analysis for instant viewing
  • New feature – 1.2 version – analysis report available with each facial analysis (can be manually amended)

This software will cost $220 (Australian dollars) DOWNLOAD HERE

For a FREE trial of the Professional* Facial Analysis Wizard Click here

*Professional software includes points and training - suited to students and practitioners

Free Online Software (non professional - no points or training)

This free software will still be available online here