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In 1998 VCCH commenced a project using the principles of Homeopathy and miasms (genetic inheritance) to further the understanding of chronic disease. This project has involved thousands of hours of research and highlights the role of miasms and how they can be effectively utilised in the clinic.

As the project developed it became clear that facial features play an important role in recognizing a patients' dominant miasm. All these findings, including an understanding of miasms and how to utilise them in clinical practice, have now been published in "Appearance and Circumstance" and "Homœopathic Facial Analysis" by Grant Bentley.

"Soul & Survival" explains miasms as an energetic survival instinct using analogies and stories to explain their impact on individuals and groups.

What is a Miasm?


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Soul & Survival and Homoeopathic Facial Analysis

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Independent study of women with menopausal symptoms using the HFA method to choose constitutional remedies (by Sanet Heymans - University of Johannesburg - 200 page study - download PDF)

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