HFA Consultations

Consultations are available with Grant Bentley via email, skype and phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • First consultation is $180AUD (Australian Dollars)
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  • A deposit of $50AUD is made to Grant Bentley, using an online credit card payment system
  • A proforma will be sent to you by email asking details regarding your symptoms
  • You forward this completed proforma back by email
  • You forward by email 9 photos for facial analysis purposes (directions for correct photos will be forwarded with proforma)
  • Payment of balance of $130AUD will be processed when you return the completed proforma by email
  • A full analysis of your case will be made within 10 business days and an appointment arranged for further information - by Skype or phone
  • Phone calls to be made from your country to Australia by you at a previously arranged time (as arranged by email)
  • Remedy to be secured within own country where possible - if not remedy will be sent from Australia (postage charges will apply outside of Australia)


  • Follow up consultation - 3-4 weeks later - cost $100AUD
  • Phone or skype consultation arranged as required (same method as above)


Book online here for your consultation (payment using secure server)