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PANDAS Reaching out - A natural and homeopathic approach (paperback and Kindle)

Soul & Survival (paperback and Kindle)

How Aphorism 27 Changed the World (paperback)


Clinical HFA Books -

Appearance and Circumstance (2003) and Homeopathic Facial Analysis (2006) - English - available from VCCH or through your local bookseller (below)

Facial Analysis and Homeopathy (2011) - English (Asia and Africa only) - available from BJain Publishers

Gesichtsanalyse in der Homöopathie (2010) - German - available from Naryana Verlag

Гомеопатический анализ черт лица (2006) - Russian - available from Гомеопатическая Медицина


About the books: 

There are four books in the Homoeopathic Facial Analysis series

Appearance and Circumstance is the what of HFA - case-taking, repertorisation, remedies, what is the dominant miasm.

Homoeopathic Facial Analysis is a desktop guide on how to analyse facial features with hundreds of sketches detailing features. (HFA must be purchased with Appearance and Circumstance - the core information of what to do with the facial features and the related remedies is in Appearance and Circumstance. The two books are a set and both are required for clinical application of HFA.)

Soul & Survival is why this information works in the clinic. Universal principles which explain what a miasm is, how important a miasm is and the amazing link between our unconscious inherited memories and the events of our lives. Know your fears and instinctive reactions at a deep level. This book is suited to reading by your patients and family too - they will see homoeopathy in a new light.

How Aphorism 27 Changed The World   It was Hahnemann’s mission to raise medicine out of the quagmire of fantasy and delusion and to place it on the firm footing of reason and observation, as written in the Organon of Rational Medicine. It is ironic in these modern times that it should be homeopathy, of all the different medical practices, that is throwing itself back deliberately into the pre Hahnemannian world of speculation. How Aphorism 27 Changed The World is an attempt for homeopaths to rediscover the rational foundation of the only system that swept and changed the medical world within the space of one lifetime.

With standard classical case taking, case analysis and repertorising Appearance and Circumstance combined with Homœopathic Facial Analysis will bring your case results to 70%+ within a few months of practice. 

Grant Bentley is the principal of the Victorian College of Classical Homœopathy and is also in private practice. 

"Soul & Survival" by Grant Bentley

Everyone has a soul and an instinct to survive. Our soul is immortal, rational and conscious, while our survival instinct ensures our material needs are met. The combination of our soul and survival instinct gives us our personality and character. By understanding these two separate aspects of ourselves, we gain a deeper appreciation of who we are as a whole.

Our survival instinct is responsible for immunity, nervous response, emotions and facial structure. Our face is vital for social survival because it conveys to others what we feel and the needs we require. Our face is designed for others to see, not for us to see. Soul & Survival links facial features to instinctive character traits.

Every person comes into their life with a number of survival strategies in place. Some instincts are for physical survival, such as natural drives to breathe and eat, while others are for our social survival. Social survival skills are what we employ to secure our position within the group. Nature survives through diversity. It is not beneficial for all human beings to contribute to the group in exactly the same way. As a result, a number of effective yet different strategies have evolved to socially secure us. These different strategies are represented by seven different groups.

Each of the seven groups has been given a colour for easy recognition. Each colour group has up to thirty identifiable survival strategies and qualities. Soul & Survival details all these qualities together with a comprehensive explanation as to why we have these characteristics, when we use them and how they can trap us in an endless cycle of repetition and reaction.

Individuals cannot survive as well by themselves as they can in a group. As a result our survival instinct helps protect us, by providing qualities needed or desired by the group. These qualities give us personal value and we instinctively revert to them for protection under stress. Regardless of whether an individual is extroverted or introverted, academic, technical, physical or creative, social survival skills are the topics and emotions around which individual behaviour revolves.

The Author
Grant Bentley is the principal and senior lecturer of the Victorian College of Classical Homœopathy (VCCH). Since 1999 Grant has researched the genetic link between Hahnemann's miasm theory (1828) and facial structure. He has written four books. 

  • Appearance and Circumstance (2003)
  • Homœopathic Facial Analysis (2006)
  • Soul & Survival (2008)
  • How Aphorism 27 Changed The World (2012) 

His research and development resulted in a new clinical method called Homœopathic Facial Analysis (HFA). Soul & Survival presents clinical observations in relation to the social behaviour within each miasm (the survival instinct) and facial analysis. Grant Bentley has trained all the HFA practitioners in Melbourne. Soul & Survival is written specifically for patients with no homœopathic jargon to help them better understand homœopathic principles. It is intended to bring more patients to our clinics by explaining the universal principles that link energy to miasms (our survival instinct) and personal behaviour.

Grant has lectured in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, USA, India and Europe. His first two books have been translated into Russian, German and Spanish.

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"Homoeopathic Facial Analysis" by Grant Bentley

Hundreds of photos and sketches with detailed parameters to aid in the miasmatic analysis of faces. This book is the complete visual guide to facial analysis and combined with Appearance and Circumstance will allow homoeopaths from student level to practitioner to make an accurate miasmatic diagnosis before a remedy is chosen.


"Appearance and Circumstance" by Grant Bentley

After 12 years of research, Hahnemann presented his theory regarding the origins of chronic disease - the miasms. Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis were triumphs in Homœopathic understanding.

Extending on Hahnemann's original idea of three primary miasms, Appearance and Circumstance details the development of the complex miasms - Tubercular, Syco-Psoric, Syco-Syphilitic and Cancer, as well as the three primary miasms.

Knowing that miasms are genetically inherited influences, the author discusses how each miasm will dominate physical structure, pathology and mental outlook. Recognizing the lifetime influence of a miasm helps to explain the events and circumstances that surround us.

Understanding that every individual is dominated by one of the miasms, facial features have been identified and matched to each miasm. Appearance and Circumstance contains images of these facial features and polychrests categorized by miasm.

By the end of his life Hahnemann regarded himself as a miasmatic prescriber and made a clear distinction between this method and symptom prescribing only. The further he examined the miasm theory, the more convinced he became that miasms are the key to understanding chronic disease and unlocking a case. Appearance and Circumstance continues this work.

Appearance and Circumstance has been welcomed by homœopaths around the world (see testimonials) as being a fresh and innovative way of using miasmatic understanding to find better remedies for our patients. The knowledge (gained from patients) of the themes and behaviours within these miasms has again validated why homœopathy is not only a true medicine of natural law but also a medicine covering all human experience. The understanding of human behaviour provided by the miasms has been an extraordinary journey of richness and clarity. It is a journey that continues to unfold the mysteries of human nature and delight both patients and practitioners alike with improvements in health and wellbeing. 

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