HFA photo analysis


The college offers a photos analysis service to students and the general public.  This analysis is for miasmatic classification but is only as accurate as the quality of photos provided.  Read these conditions in regard to the analysis.

Each set of photos will cost AUD$12. (Currency Converter)

Please read the following instructions carefully.

Take photos as per these instructions.

Pay for the number of sets you want via PayPal (no PayPal account required)
The analysis is usually completed within 5 working days


Number of sets
I am

If you wish to pay for more than 3 sets of photos please click here to make a manual payment directly to the college.

Send photos by email to

  • Make sure each photo is no larger than 700kb each - as low as 100kb is suitable too
  • ALL photos are to be attached to the one email
  • Each photo is to be labelled with your name or name of patient and a number for each photo
    eg Jack 1, Jack 2 etc

Also please watch this video from our training website on how to take photos